The Red Table

Stuttgart Ballet Principal and World Renowned Ballet Star, Friedemann Vogel, in Maurice Béjart's Bolero with the Stuttgart Ballet

Working in the arts, I have been privileged to watch many outstanding performances by many outstanding performers.  But having seen so much excellent work also means that it gets increasingly rare for me to be blown away by a show or an artist, making these occasions all the more precious. 

Nearly two years ago, I made my first trip to Stuttgart, for the world premiere of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's The Firebird, a commission by the Stuttgart Ballet, renowned for their highly classical technique. Larbi's creation was sensual, evocative and strongly informed by his signature vocabulary, and had the audience enraptured from the get-go.

I was observing how impressively the company embraced the contemporary moves and made it their own.. when suddenly this dancer appeared on stage. There was something so exceptional about his movement quality, magnetic even.. he immediately captured my attention, and I literally couldn’t take my eyes off him: a first for me at a ballet. 

That was March 2015. I remember coming back to Paris still thinking about the stunning Firebird, and the extraordinary dancer I saw for the first time: Friedemann Vogel.

Fast forward to February 2017: I am back at the beautiful Stuttgart Opera House, applauding this same remarkable dance artist after his sensational performance of Béjart's celebrated Boléro. It was truly something to behold. And Stuttgart clearly missed their resident ballet superstar, who was back on their stage for the first time in six months. The audience went crazy, and the curtain calls went on forever... This is why people continue coming to the theatre for live performances - for this shared ecstatic experience that was pure joy! 

I sat there completely overwhelmed, acutely aware of how incredibly lucky I was, to have had the chance to watch one of the dance greats of our time perform this masterpiece, and incredulously, to be able to go congratulate and thank him personally backstage, because I am now his agent!  

It is not often that our dreams come true in this mad world we live in, but that night, one of mine did.

A New Website for the New Year!

2016 had been quite a year, to say the least! I was hoping to launch the new website in time for 1st January 2017, but as we know, the best laid plans of mice and men... Thankfully, there is the Lunar New Year which always gives us a second chance at a new start in case we didn't get things right the first time round! Am also finally starting a blog, having been urged by friends over the years to share my beautiful & crazy encounters working in the arts. Never a dull moment!  ;-)