"One of today's brightest lights" Friedemann Vogel in Fashion for Men Magazine

Friedemann Vogel in Fashion for Men Magazine

One of today's brightest lights, the 38-year old ballet phenomenon is considered "the next Nureyev", not least for his preternatural ability to channel pure emotion through his art..." But although the principal of the Stuttgart Ballet has garnered multiple awards and wowed audiences from Santiago de Chile to Tokyo by way of Rome, Vienna and St Petersburg (to name just a few), in person he is surprisingly down-to-earth." 

Photos & interview by Fashion for Men Editor-in-Chief Milan Vukmirovic

Styled by Scarlett Viquel

Hair by Evgeny Giniyatulin 

Fashion: Fendi

"The top dancer of his generation" Friedemann Vogel in Crash Magazine

Friedemann Vogel in the special cinema edition of Crash Magazine, shot in Théâtre des Champs Elysées

"At thirty-seven years old, Friedemann Vogel is without doubt, the top dancer of his generation... Vogel has one foot prodigiously perched in his native city and ballet, the other prancing across the world's stages. Bolshoi, Marinsky, Hong Kong Ballet, Rome Opera, the National Ballet of China: theatres worldwide fight to host this extraordinary dancer, a stunning combination of powerful lyricism and feline elegance." 

Photos by Alexandra Catiere

Styling by Crash Magazine editor-in-chief Armelle Leturcq

Fashion: Fendi 

Friedemann Vogel in conversation with Volker Schlöndorff in Vogue Germany

Friedemann Vogel & Oscar-winning director Volker Schlöndorff In Conversation in Vogue Germany

"The main part of our work as a dancer are the rehearsals. Eight hours a day: in the morning one and a half hour of class, and later the work on different choreographies. The performance is a gift." Friedemann Vogel on life as a dancer

Photos by Ann Ray

Special thanks to Fendi