Brian Lobel goes to Luxembourg with Purge

Brian Lobel brings Purge to Luxembourg for one performance only on 5th October

Purge  by Brian Lobel ©Christa Holka

Purge by Brian Lobel ©Christa Holka

Part game show, part love story, part lecture exploring modern friendships.

In a more innocent time, before Cambridge Analytica, before "friend" became synonymous with "follower" and followers were cult members... a wide-eyed Brian Lobel infuriated his 1342 Facebook Friends with The Purge. Over four days of performance in public cafés, Brian talked about each Facebook friend for one minute, after which time a jury of strangers decided whether he should "keep" or "delete" them. The deleting was real, the pace maniacal and the decisions final. 

Drawing from 50 hours of performance and 800 emails from angry, amused and intrigued friends, Purge, the lecture performance, explores our ongoing, ever-changing and love-hate relationship with social media.,3237/agenda/arts-de-la-scene/PURGE.html